“Comfy: When Compassion Overflows”

Mom, her whole life, complained about being “freezing cold.” No matter how high the heat was turned up, no matter how many blankets she had on, mom was always complaining of being cold.

If mom was cold her whole life, right before she passed away in the hospital, mom was FREEZING COLD. Throughout her stay, we asked the nurses to get her blankets and they all got her one or two.

The night before mom died, we asked “V” (her real name), her nurse in the ICU, for blankets for our mother. I told V she could bring a million blankets and mom would still would be cold.

So V came into mom ICU room with a pile of probably 20 or more blankets. V gently laid the blankets on mom, and as she did, for the first time in years, a peaceful look came over mom’s frightened and pained face.

As I sat by mom’s bedside, I saw that even with 20 or more blankets, her shoulders were uncovered, so I tucked a few of the blankets in around her neck and as I did, Grandma started smiling.

After mom looked like a mummy tucked into all those blankets, looking like a swaddled newborn, mom smiled ear to ear and said one word, “Comfy.”

Finally, among all the things we tried to do for mom as she laid dying, I felt warmed by her finally feeling warm and a smile I will never forget. I finally felt like something that we did for her helped her pass on in peace.

My family will love “V” for all of eternity, for bringing more blankets than anyone would have ever expected.

Compassion overflowing is never forgotten.

– z


2 responses to ““Comfy: When Compassion Overflows”

  1. What a beautiful story. Sometimes we all think that it is only the grand gestures that will be noticed, but in fact there would be so much more compassion in the world if each person just engaged in a few small compassionate acts each day.

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