from a friend of our family, Jane Lecroy:


“How many balloons are floating around lost in outer space?”
He asks me. In his four years he has let go of at least half a dozen,
The latex or Mylar, pulling tears from his eyes, as gravity is defied
Rise, rise, a helium trait; do we heal after loss or just change?

He keeps going back for more
No matter how many times the balloons disappoint him,
If they don’t escape and shrink into the distance or tangle in a tree
They sink, shrivel, or worse, POP, startle and terrify.

Balloons break hearts: Nena’s 99 Luftballoons 1984,
Think of the famous Red Balloon that befriended a little boy
How mean those kids were and how the Balloon saved him
An army of balloons carrying him over Paris, every kid’s dream.

We lost Barbapapa over the Cote d’Azur this summer,
It had cost 10 Euros and my son had left the window open
After removing one of the weights from the string to let Barbapapa
Float room to room through doors, instead of hugging the ceiling.

I’m sorry punished him cruelly but I had loved that balloon
We only had it only 3 days and I wanted it to last forever
After the apocalyptic aftermath of everyday
Something must float and we are drawn to those.

The planets around their stars, so much helium themselves-
Who says there are no balloons in outer space?
Images can’t be proved wrong, explanations fail us too
So I just tell him, “All the lost balloons are there, all of them.”
-Jane LeCroy
I’m a lost balloon & think of speech balloons & come here to float with me- word.
Thurs. 10/27/11 6pm-8pm
Jane LeCroy in unique situation-
Brant Lyon’s HYDROGEN JUKEBOX CD Release
Celebrate BRAIN AMPIN’ available now! Hear samples:
( &write a review!)
@ Brant Lyon’s Hydrogen Jukebox
at Cornelia St. Café- 29 Cornelia St. Manhattan
($7 cover includes 1 free drink)
All performers are backed up by
the incredible improvisational abilities of The Ne’erdowells.
for example:
& featuring David Lawton, Jane LeCroy, Peter Carlaftes, Thomas Fucaloro, Karl Roulston, Puma Perl, Brant Lyon, Frank Simone, Robert Gibbons, Jane Ormerod, and Kat Georges

Please check out the Cornelia Street Cafe blog, which just went up. Nice write up by Jacques Swartz- leave a comment ❤


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