My prayer for my daughter and her groom, on the occasion of their wedding.


A person who has mastered the quality of serenity (menuchah)

and has true peace of mind, will feel inner peace and intense joy

when going through any life-test. He does not even label the

situation ‘a test.’ Rather, he calls it ‘living.’

He utilizes all of his strength and power in any difficult situation.

His trust in the Almighty is manifest on a practical level, and this

is the goal of his life.

Even though the life-test might persist for a long time (or new

ones may arise), he still does not perceive the situation as a

burden or misfortune. On the contrary, in such situations his

spirit of life becomes aroused because he derives pleasure from

being able to rise above his instincts.

Rabbi Yosef Hurwitz of Nevardok – Madraigos Haadam; Rabbi

Pliskin’s “Consulting the Wise”


My prayer for bride and groom

May your relationship be one that cultivates menuchah

To face the realities of life, from the day to day,

apparently silly disappointments and frustrations,

to illness and death,

to thunderstorms  and sunshine,

to seek truth by rallying every pore

of both of your beings

on your unending journeys

to discover what your truth is.

To live with fierce integrity,

for the journey

at times, of painful self-discovery.

To learn deeply,

that being right,

or being wrong,

means nothing whatsoever

to G-d ,

and even less,

to the universe.

For you both

to rally the strength,

and wisdom,

to unwrap hidden gifts of joy

in every moment,

where there has been darkness.

For you both to serve humanity

with every fiber and every pore of your being,

in every opportunity that G-d presents to you,

to serve other human beings,

with loving kindness

in meaningful ways.

And I pray,

for you both

to feel the presence of G-d

in each and every moment.

And for the times you lose His presence,

to make the journey to find him, again,

as One.

For your family

as yet unborn,

to  grow with loving kindness,

and grow strong

in the loving presence

of G-d.

For each and every moment

you are blessed with His presence.

May He grant you the strength

to live your lives through Menuchah,

in every precious moment

that He has given you,


May G-d bless you both.


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