Bert and Ernie and the Hudson River Hawk #life #buddhism #mindfulness

A barely audible ‘dink’ sound on the air conditioner and Bert and Ernie (our cats) in primal cat mode, rapidly stealth their way over to our window facing the Hudson River.  

I look where Bert and Ernie are looking and see what they are gazing at, now both frozen in pounce-attack positions – a huge brownish-orange head of an huge brownish bird.  

A Hudson River Hawk, it’s eyes and head darting around 180 degrees looking, I presume, for something to kill and eat.  

Bert and Ernie, and me, frozen in position, time standing still and awareness clear and transfixed in this Hawk-Cat-Human present moment in time, feelings of awe at this big ole’ bird living it’s primal hawk-life right outside our windows.

I look away for a moment and look back.   The hawk is gone.    Go right over to the window –  looked out – don’t even see the bird flying away.

Bert and Ernie go back to snuggling up together on the big white chair as if nothing had happened and their primal cat selves are not dormant always underneath their snuggly exteriors.    

And I go back to living my life without a hawk on top of the air conditioner and with our two snuggly cats right next to me on the couch.


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